Process Sponge Manufacturing


Sponge Technology Corporation is a state-of-the-art cellulose sponge factory located in Tlaxcala, Mexico. We make cellulose sponge blocks from scratch to fully finished products ready for retail shelves. Your sponges are made to order, from the choice of cellulose color, to adhesiveness of the scrubber, to custom shapes. Buy in bulk or allow us to fully finish the sponges with shelf-ready custom packaging. STC will work with you to fulfill your sponge manufacturing needs from concept to finished product. Learn more about our sponge manufacturing process below.

Sponge - Cut. Packaged. And Ready For Distribution

Cellulose Manufacturing

Our sponge manufacturing process begins with dissolving wood pulp sourced from paper mills. Chemicals used throughout the production process are reclaimed and reused to reduce the environmental impact of sponge manufacturing.

Cellulose Manufacturing


What makes the porous holes in the cellulose sponge products that we use everyday? Salt crystals that are added into the viscose during mixing dissolve as the proprietary material coagulates into sponge during production. This leaves behind the swiss cheese like holes that absorb water and soap to make sponges the best, soapiest cleaning tool in the kitchen sink.

Salt Crystal Sponge Production


Our cellulose sponge material is manufactured in large sponge blocks and then cut into sheets per specification. These cellulose sheets are available for bulk purchase. Sponge technology manufactures cellulose sheets of any color and height up to two inches. Cut and process your own retail sponges from an STC made cellulose sheet.

Bulk Sponge Blocks


Two factors determine the quality of a sponge – absorbency and durability. Every sponge block we make is lab tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds the industry standard. Our sponges are made to absorb ten to fifteen times their weight in liquid. Our biggest flaw? Perhaps our sponges are too durable, outlasting many of our competitors in the kitchen sink.

High Quality Sponges


Your sponges are almost ready! After the cellulose has been cut into sheets, scrubbing pads are glued to the cellulose base. Ensure brand recognition with a custom scrubber color or even a printed design. We supply standard colors, custom colors, patterns or prints.


Once a sponge block is complete, it is cut into specific dimensions and shapes onsite. From a standard rectangle to a signature polygon, our facility is capable of die-cutting virtually any custom sponge shape. The blocks are cut horizontally to determine the height and vertically for length and width.

Sponges Cutting & Shapes


Send your packaging artwork to STC and we will source custom-designed packaging materials in order to be ready to bag and box as soon as your sponges are ready. Made and packed in the same facility — sponges do not get any fresher than that!

Shapes Packaging


At Sponge Technology Corporation it is our mission to manufacture the best possible kitchen sponge with the least environmental impact. We source wood pulp for our sponge making process. We capture, restore and reuse chemicals using world-class proprietary technology.

Environmentally Friendly Sponge Production


Our state-of-the-art factory, located in Tlaxcala, Mexico, is a member of an elite environmentally conscious business park that exceeds national environmental regulations. At STC, we take every measure to minimize air and water pollution throughout the process.
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